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A Note of Inspiration from Member Brittany Gnizak

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I found 750 Words and knowing I have a “deadline” and a “goal” daily helps keep me writing. It might not be on my current WIP, but simply “using the writing muscles” keeps me creative and productive.

I started a new blog (this one with a paid domain name so people can actually FIND it) and writing 750 words daily has helped me be extremely productive with blog posts.

It is a fun way to write… and I like the running word total at the bottom of the page. The badges are cute, but I actually like the X’s up at the top, marking off the days I have completed this challenge.

Also enjoy seeing how fast I type and how long it took me overall to write the word count.

Suggestion: put a button under TODAY when you complete your word count and are finished, that you can click on to see your daily stats. I have to click on something else (March Writers, for instance) to get the “view your stats” button to show up under Today.

Other than that… I love this. It has definitely helped me become more consistently productive. Thanks!!

Testimonial Note from Brittany Gnizak on Sun, Mar 13

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