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A Note of Inspiration from Member Cubanita Fresca

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All my life I’ve been sporadic about journaling. It’s something that I aspired to, but rarely lasted more than a few days in a row. But this year, I decided to get serious. I’ve written every single day but it’s February that I’m most proud of completing.

I know, the shortest month of the year – but it was also the month where I started a new job and ended up in the hospital having emergency surgery. And I still managed to stick to writing. I didn’t write a masterpiece from the hospital, but that’s okay… because I had the discipline to write something… anything. I can’t tell you how proud I am of that. What I’ve realized by this process is that there comes a point where what you have invested in a new habit is greater than any possible excuse not to write. It’s a lesson I plan on using in other areas of my life.

So use the badges, they may seem silly but they do motivate you to take the small steps and the next thing you know, you’re half way to the big steps. And the thought of starting over is unbearable.

Testimonial Note from Cubanita Fresca on Tue, Mar 01

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