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A Note of Inspiration from Katherine Ball

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I have been a member of this site for several years, but I have only really invested in writing regularly over the past several months. I write to think, or think best while writing, actually both, and these past few months of regular writing have been the most productive, peaceful, and emotionally stable of my life. I’m not normally a person who searches for or self-describes as happy, but a thoughtful kind of happiness would absolutely be the best way to identify the results of this daily investment in my own mental and emotional health, as well as in my love for writing. I’m a writing professor, and I tell my students daily how important it is to practice their writing in order to find a voice, and with no voice you have no power. Thank you 750 words for making me feel empowered and for giving me a space to be completely and utterly myself.

Testimonial Note from Katherine Ball on Tue, Mar 01

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