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A Note of Inspiration from Srijata Chakravorti

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I started writing on this site almost exactly 6 years ago, frustrated at my low attention spans and absence of will. I was determined to change myself and make a habit of writing every day. Today, I finished writing 2000 days in a row. That’s a number that is WAY larger than what I had set out to do – much more than what I can imagine. There probably isn’t even a badge for this yet! There have been hiccups along the way, literally hundreds of days when I had no idea how to fill up 750 words – but it feels great to be finally on this side of this milestone.

This site means a lot to me. I’ve gotten into this amazing habit of writing everyday, which was once a drag but then became something I can not live without. I love that there is this one place where I can face myself, and talk myself through all complex thoughts. On the way, I have gained a degree of self-discipline, sharpened my writing skills, and picked up touch typing. Most importantly though, it has given me immense self-confidence. Whenever I face failure or doubt myself, I can look back on this and realize – here is something I did that I never thought I’d get done, and it has required sustained effort for years and years. If I can keep doing this without giving up for years, then there is no reason I should give up on something now. It reminds me that if I proceed in small steps, I am capable of more greatness than I can imagine.

No matter how many million words I write, I would never be able to express enough gratitude to Buster and Kelliane for giving me this distraction free space to express myself. Thank you sincerely for coming up with this site. You guys rock!

Testimonial Note from Srijata Chakravorti on Wed, Feb 24

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