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Writing Calendar/Exerpt Tooltips

Either a new page with a standard calendar box that has the same X or / marks on the days you’ve written (but in a more compact format that can have several months on it) or just a tooltip for hovering over the daily tabs. Hovering over the box will provide a tooltip with a small chunk of the text you wrote that day, so that finding a specific piece of your work from previous days is easier.

Another version of this that would also be more compact is a sort of “list” format that shows only the months you’ve written in and only the days you’ve written on underneath that month’s header, so that you don’t have to look at all the days you didn’t write on (and for the sake of saving space). Preferably still with the tooltip function. For those who have been writing here for years, a tab or page function to switch between years would be handy as well.

For those of us that are doing worldbuilding, story brainstorming, character building, etc., it’s important to be able to get back to that which we’ve previously written for reference purposes. I have a hard time remembering which day it was that I wrote about what thing, and it’s hard to pick out which day that was on the long bar above the Today’s Writing page thing.

New Feature Request Note from VisceralLuster on Sun, Jan 24

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