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1 cup
Please, lower the price for Russia

Hi. I am not quite good at English — sorry about that.

There is a little problem with paying 5$ every month for residents of Russia
We receiving our wage in «Rubles» currency and every month price in Rub for 5$ for us costs more and more.
In 2012 and 2013 5$ was 150 Rub.
In 2014 — 260 Rub
Now 5$ costs 390 Rub. and every month we will pay more and more because of unstable economics here.

I am as a student can afford that for your brilliant website (although such price feels uncomfortable for me anyway) but can’t afford coffee cup for such price.

Can you set it 3$ maybe? :3

New Feature Request Note from Daria Space on Sun, Jan 24

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