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5 cups

two things:
1. in dealing with sh*tty-acting people, it can be detrimental to just vent about it. some people have a tendency to death spiral, which might feel empowering in the short term, but i’ve found for myself just lends itself to dwelling and despair. so, i moved to taking a more journalistic eye and describing the situation in as objective and verifiable way as possible, and then moving on to an analysis and interpretation of the situations. for whatever reason the initial “objective” description was useful in being able to zoom out later and develop empathy + consider motivations for peoples’ sh*tty behavior instead of concentrating so much on offenses against me, which potentially weren’t allowing me to move on.
2. writing is fundamentally a craft, and so just getting into the practice of it regularly is incredibly useful in and of its own right in improving at it. (well, at least i hope i am improving.)

Testimonial Note from chakkamoru on Sat, Jan 09

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