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A Note of Inspiration from Nicole Benoit

1 cup

I found this site while searching for a way to journal online for free. I have been having a very hard time in my life but recently my mother died and my life has forever changed. Since I was crying everyday, which I still do, and since my heart is broken, I thought it was time to write.

I did join 750 words and I have been very surprised at how much junk is inside my mind. Things that I would have never had imagined and it has helped me release enough that I was able to finally go to counseling. I released things that perhaps I would not feel comfortable telling anyone. Nothing bad or illegal but something I just don’t want to share with people.

Every day I hold myself accountable now for doing specific things. Writing my 750 words have been a big priority for me. Not so much to write but to commit to something and follow through. I am proud to say that 47 days in a room I have made writing part of my daily routine and I hope I never stop or miss a day. I am not doing it for any reward from anyone but myself. My reward was reading, after I completed the December challenge, the perks. I know it helps with a charity and geez, I read that and who could not be pleased about that? I am glad that something I NEEDED to do for myself has also helped others.

I hope to earn many more cups and I hope I can share things that will help others. Peace Out !

Testimonial Note from Nicole Benoit on Tue, Jan 05

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