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A Note of Inspiration from Member Fred Faraday

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I do not know but will describe it. "Grief Partner"? "Hope Partner"?

I will describe what I am doing and await your suggestions and the suggestions of others on what might be done by you the website.
I began writing as a way to look back on my marriage since writing was recommended in a grief booklet provided by the hospital. I started the the same day I read that. I see 750 Words as a way to relive and help recall events and memories of our marriage. (The same booklet says a preoccupation with the life of the deceased is a common experience.)
In the “grief business”, if you will, I understand there are separate tracks for grief stemming from death and that from divorce. What I am talking about is death. Maybe someone has ideas for ways to use grief constructively.

New Feature Request Note from Fred Faraday on Sat, Jan 02

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