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A Note of Inspiration from Member Kaylois

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I decided to give 750 words a try because I was familiar with Morning Pages and had been doing them off and on (well more off than on, if I am honest) for a number of years. Part of the problem for me was hand writing the MPs my hand was not quick enough to outrun the editor in my head. However, my typing is. And I was pleased to find a place where I could type the morning pages in peace. Now, I realize that some would consider it cheating. That handwriting is a closer link to the soul, blah, blah, blah. But you know, nuts to that. I think that the feel of the keys on a keyboard, the comfort level, the response of the key when hit by fingers and the material that the keys are made from, are just as tactile an experience as using a fabulous pen on a wonderful high grade paper. And for me at least, it seems to be giving my psyche some space. Sure at the moment all I do is moan, but within it come insights and those are leading to other things. So, 20-odd days later I am still going strong. Even signed up for a challenge to keep me honest. As many others have said before and no doubt others will say after, I am so glad to have found this sight. It is why I have become a patron. Happy writing to all.

Testimonial Note from Kaylois on Sat, Jan 02

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