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A Note of Inspiration from Ros Sumiati

1 cup

I have a great life, and this website make it more. My husband introduce me to this site, and we even make it more to plan to make good habit in every activity of our daily life based on idea. This is our first month, and we hope we can continue to do the challenge every month. This habit making me more discipline to put up everything on my mind easily.
For the challenge, my husband have a really great idea, to make the challenge never beat you, then put yourself to punishment for lost $150 if you missed one day challenge. Made me so worried in the first place, $150 is quite a lot for me, and my husband said “yes that’s the point”, because I think it is quite a lot for me then it worth to be fight for. This is far more effective than I just punish myself to $1 lost. Haha. He got his point. Love him.

Testimonial Note from Ros Sumiati on Tue, Dec 29

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