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A Note of Inspiration from Jennifer Bent

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I am the mother of 2 lovely young men. I say young men, because they are now 18, and 20. I cannot call them ‘boys’ anymore. I am also a twice over stroke victim at the age of 51 (a young 51 – but 51 nevertheless) I had my first stroke experience at 26. I was paralysed and blind at the time, but no longer so now, thankfully. I guess I beat the odds. and lived to publish a book about the experience.

750 words has been quite therapeutic for me. I didn’t realise how rambling on in the morning on paper could clear my mind for the rest of the day. It’s great! I have found that I’m also more motivated to start the day early too. And as a result, I’m getting more done each day. I am medically retired, so the days are long, and they roll into one another. 750 words has become one of the highlights of my day.


Testimonial Note from Jennifer Bent on Thu, Dec 10

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