The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Julia Anderson Specht

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Although I spend at least 3 hours per day writing, for the last month I’ve also been journaling 750 words each morning on this site. Writing 750 words has gone from an exercise I had to remind myself to do (“wake up and do the thing, take the dog out and do the thing”), to something that is now a fundamental part of my morning routine – I feel so strange if I haven’t done it. It has absolutely helped with my other writing. By placing my ephemeral daily garbage here, I am much better able to focus on larger projects with a clear and focused mind. It’s also helped my mental health too, probably. I’ve always been a crappy journaler, and somehow this site has gamified journaling for me in a way that I not only do it willingly, I LOOK FORWARD to doing it. Thank you thank you!

Testimonial Note from Julia Anderson Specht on Mon, Dec 07

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