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A Note of Inspiration from Member ES Wright

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102k for NaNoWriMo. I would never have thought it possible six months ago. But after hitting over 50k a month since June, it was an attainable goal. I seized the day, and let out a mighty yawp of triumph yesterday as I crossed the finish line.

750 Words made it easy to plan my day-to-day goals, tabulate my daily achievements and my overall word count, have yesterday’s words just a click away without cluttering my new thoughts, kept a place where i could flow between breaks at work and when I got home, a space to write to myself when I got stuck… the list goes on! (Also: the little pop-up telling me I’d passed the daily NaNo allotment was a great touch!)

Though I might not have another 100k month for a while, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try and make it a habit. This past month proved I could excel, write decent— if raw— prose, and not get distracted even with a full time job.

The draft is not finished; I still have a whole section to write. I don’t have to tell y’all where I’m going to be drafting it. ;) Thanks again — and here’s to more success for us all in December!

Testimonial Note from ES Wright on Tue, Dec 01

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