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A Note of Inspiration from Jordan M

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Have you guys considered a service like Patreon in order to do your funding instead of a free trial/subscription based service? It is a sophisticated system setup to allow people to donate to help fund you in exchange for perks without having to do a “pay wall” to keep using your service. People can choose how much they give. I am not sure how you ran your donation based service in the past, but I encourage you to keep looking into alternate ways of funding to give new users options other than the $5 a month model, which I personally find a bit annoying. I am a subscriber, but I’m not comfortable recommending this service to my friends, even those who I feel would benefit from this type of structured journaling, because I wouldn’t want to ask them to put up the money. Not everyone has the kind of situation that can allow for this sort of plan.

I joined this site because I remembered it from a few years ago back when it was free when I started on it from a month ago. I actually didn’t even realize it was going to end up costing me money until I had already started my habit, which frustrated me. Maybe that’s on me, and it should have been more obvious that I was just signing up for a free trial. But let me tell you, if I HAD realized that I was only getting 30 days free, I probably wouldn’t have even started in the first place. I would have looked harder for another service that I wouldn’t have to eventually get hooked into a subscription in order to keep using. That’s a shame, because I ended up liking this service quite a bit.

I think a lot of people would be keen on this service who you are not getting based on your current $5 a month option.

What you have with this service is very valuable and you have a lot to offer; I think people would be willing to help you out quite a bit financially if you ask them the right way, without having to suck them into a subscription based plan. This web site is very easy to use, and it is such a relief to be able to come to a place not contaminated by advertisements or constant prompting by the user interface to “share” or other forms of currency. I also appreciate your transparency, your loyalty towards your users, and the fact that you respect us and have made it clear that you seek input from us as you move forward. As I said before, I remembered the name of this site from YEARS ago even though I had never used it before; you guys have a lasting reputation for good things that has remained consistent over time. That is a rare thing on the internet. Thanks for what you do, please keep it up, and I hope that you continue exploring new ways to open up this service to other people.

New Feature Request Note from Jordan M on Sun, Nov 01

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