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A Note of Inspiration from Keith Fulfer

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Today is my one hundredth day of writing consecutively. So I wanted to write a testimony to post. I think I still have one free ‘cup’, as 750words call it, to use. So here is my first draft on it.

I have wanted to write, or journal, or whatever you want to call it for years. I have tried so many times and ways. I have had The Artist’s Way book also for years and I have started and stopped reading it and using it several times as well. Finally, I started it again and was making good headway through it, but I still was not writing every day. I was using another computer tool to store my notes. But I had no clue of how many words I was writing each time, and I am sure it was not even close to ‘three pages’ every morning.

Then I found this site. I started one hundred days ago. So today is my first big anniversary. One hundred days in a row. I am still going. That one thousand days mark does not look so ominous. I have written over one hundred thousand words in those days. My word count per day is even growing, as I have become more and more comfortable with my writing.

This is a great tool for me. There is some inner motivation to earning a badge. To keep on going. I am sure I am the only one that pays attention to my stats, but I do. Another writer tried to dissuade me from using a word count as motivation. Blah! It works for me. My next big goal is to get to fifty thousand words in one month. The thing is, the word count goal makes me consider what I am writing. I am now writing more about my feelings, my goals, my thoughts, rather than what I did the day before. And my word count grows.

I pay more attention to things during the day, making notes of things I want to write about. My writing ideas notes continue to grow. I will never run out of things to write, to say to myself. I now even have bigger writing goals.

Thanks to 750Words. Keep writing. And no, I do not have a pen you can borrow. But I have lots of keyboards!

Testimonial Note from Keith Fulfer on Thu, Oct 15

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