The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Karen Bledsoe

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A million words. Sounds like one of those incredibly impossible goals. “Write a million words in X months!” Can one person even write that many words in a lifetime? And yet… and yet… I checked my stats and I’ve already passed a million. A million! So it CAN be done. A million words. Now, I’ve published a little: some nonfiction for the school and library market, a few academic papers. But there’s something about saying, “I’ve written ONE MILLION WORDS” that sounds far more amazing, far more like a HOLY CATS A REAL WRITER. Maybe because the difference between a writer and some one who only dreams of being a writer is the actual writing. I write. It’s a big deal. It’s who I am.

Testimonial Note from Karen Bledsoe on Fri, Jun 26

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