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A Note of Inspiration from yenni mallard

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958 days since i joined, 226 daily pages started, 91 daily pages completed, 68 day streak!

6 months after joining this site i was in a road accident – traumatic brain injury, hospitalised, in a coma, lost memory, learning to walk, read, eat, think again. recovery is fast and weird.

i’m currently at a place where i’m finally aware of my situation, the struggles that have been faced and those that are yet to come. 68 days ago i was still only able to make notes of the physical things that had been done in my day – people that i saw, things that i did, foods that i ate – i was only able to observe and recall in the simplest of ways. the tbi has made it so difficult to understand, verbalise and work through emotions. my family and friends are definitely getting the raw deal and are still unintentionally being kept at arms length. the past couple months of writing about how i’ve been feeling and the ways that i’ve been dealing with it, the physical sensations and what they might mean emotionally, the reactions that i receive from other people and why they might have happened – things are still confusing, but this all has me a little more hopeful that things might start getting a bit easier. 750 words may seem like a simple thing to do, but it’s one of few things that i’m able to start and one of even fewer things that i’m able to complete. 750 words is still something that takes me all day but is definitely a small, countable achievement that is hugely helping me.

thank you 750 words for helping me realise who i am a bit more, for being a place that documents it all so i can look back and learn from myself, for having such a good, easy layout that doesn’t overstimulate or distract but acknowledges and congratulates in the simplest of ways, and finally for being one of the greatest things in my recovery so far.

Testimonial Note from yenni mallard on Mon, Jun 01

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