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A Note of Inspiration from Jumbled Sunshine

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Have an option to purchase a lifetime Patron account

I love and have never been so consistent in my journaling since my college days! I don’t know what it is about this site, but I just can’t stand the thought of breaking my streak, and it inspires me every single day!!

That said, I would love to see a way for those of us who unfortunately didn’t know about the site before the “cut off” date in 2013 to have an option to purchase a Patron account. Instead of paying $5 per month, we could just pay a Lifetime Membership fee. I’ve seen other services do something like this and it is so wonderful because then you are fully committed since you paid this big chunk upfront. It’s sad to not be able to be a Patron simply because you didn’t know about it until it was too late.

Along with that, I fully support the suggestions I’ve seen to give a discount for paying for an entire year up front. It’s true that $5/month is a lot to commit to when there are regular journaling apps out there with free accounts &/or pro account for $20/year. The only reason I keep 750words going is because I just can’t find anything else that motivates me like your simple interface and social factor does. I can’t wait to earn each new badge too!!

This has been a long drawn-out note, huh? But I’m not going to go back and edit it because isn’t that what the site’s all about? haha. Thanks again Buster & Kellianne! :)

New Feature Request Note from Jumbled Sunshine on Mon, Apr 13

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