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A Note of Inspiration from Eva Bella Rosa

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Its Easter Morning. I just completed Deepok Chopra’s 21 day meditation and I went right to my 750 words. I thought of how sad I’ve been and How blessed I felt in the moment and I just wanted to reach out into the world and hug you all. I wanted to thank you for sitting with me throughout the day and doing these 750 words as I do. I wanted to say thank you because these pages make me feel like you are all with me always. It feels so good to know I have brothers and sisters all over the world reaching out for something more. But most of all the knowing that you share my thoughts, my ideas, that we share the earth and all of its beauty is comforting in a way that is just indescribable. Whoever is reading this, know this is not an accident. I wrote this for you. I wrote this because you needed to see these words I needed to be the one to give them to you becasue every time I need a little love someone out there sends them my way. I want to tell you that no matter where you are in your life, You are being held up by a light, a force, whatever you name it, it is there. We are all a part of it no matter what color, Sex or religion. I want you to know that when I am scared I forget sometimes and that I hope you would reach out just as I am doing now and remind me. It is Easter and if nothing else, be blessed that a huge number of people in the world are praying and blessing the air and everything in the Universe. You are a part of that prayer! I am a part of that prayer. I know that now. For today I am going to accept that everything I need is waiting for me to accept it because it already IS! These pages are my love, my heart, my thoughts of all that is good coming your way. May today be an amazing day for you, my friend and may everyday GET BETTER!!! Your sister!

Testimonial Note from Eva Bella Rosa on Sun, Apr 05

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