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A Note of Inspiration from Wendy Gay Marsh

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Thank you Buster and Kelli: I find the more I write, and I am coming up on a year soon, the more authentic my “voice” is in every day life. I am more willing to speak my mind instead of stay introverted. I am getting clearer about how my values have shifted with each decade and what has become important to me here in this sixth decade.
Writing has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. Instead of writing however, I surrounded myself with other people who wrote. Thanks to this site, I have joined the crowd. I also recommend it to my clients so that we can work more deeply with each other.
Thanks too, for making it fun. The kid in me loves getting badges and as I am on my way to having them all I will start lobbying for more—you know how kids are :>)!

Testimonial Note from Wendy Gay Marsh on Sat, Jan 31

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