The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Laura Gharazeddine

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I found 750 Words because a friend of mine who does the NaNoWriMo suggested it to get into the habit. That it would help me with my writing. And it did! I was writing a blog at the time. And really enjoying it. But then Life intervened and sent me down a dark tunnel for a while. I came out- and every month I would see the charge on my bank statement for 750 Words and so though I would kick myself for not writing, I didn’t feel guilty- like I had abandoned 750 Words entirely. For Three Kings this year, I bought myself my first new computer since 1998! (Wow! No more XP!) And used it as impetus to get back on 750 Words. I am so glad to be back. And so surprised to find that I am a Patron with a membership! I am taking the February Challenge- because February is such a short month! (YAY!) And I think that next I will be dusting off the old blog…maybe. When I come here and see how many people are writing regularly, I see that I have no excuses not to! Thank you!

Testimonial Note from Laura Gharazeddine on Tue, Jan 27

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