The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Patron Bhavani

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Tonight I reached a streak of 700 days. I’m in total awe. It’s something I could never have accomplished any place other than this site. In the beginning it was the badges that kept me going. Now I’ve gotten all the badges, but somehow I keep writing. In the beginning I struggled to get out 750 words. Now, it’s hard to write fewer than 1500 a day. It’s not that anything I’ve written is particularly erudite or would be meaningful to anyone else, but the fact that I’ve maintained any practice for that length of time is mind-boggling. Thank you, Buster and Kellianne, with all my heart. I thank as well all my fellow writers: you’ve also been a great part of keeping me steadfast in my writing. I am grateful to you all. Peace and blessings.

Testimonial Note from Bhavani on Sat, Dec 20

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