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A Note of Inspiration from Amelia Favere

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When I was faced with a scary medical experience I dropped everything—work, school, hobbies, friends—as I tried to deal with it. I had signed up for the monthly challenge, so I kept up my daily 750 words, and only this, for those two scary weeks. For ten days of this I was too worried and scared to write about what I was thinking and had gone through, so I used this site to write words of encouragement to myself. It helped. When I was sent in for emergency surgery, I was able to stay calm, remembering what I had written here; and when I recuperated I spent my lucid time remembering and writing about what had happened here, too. This site was an island of sanity, all the more so because it is private but also because it rewards us. I’m grateful to Buster above all, but I’m also grateful to all the other writers here, who helped keep me going. Just knowing we were all typing together, I felt part of something bigger than my own problems in a way a blog or a diary or a letter never could.

Testimonial Note from Amelia Favere on Mon, Aug 23

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