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A Note of Inspiration from Brian

1 cup

I can’t write every day, but I want to write most days. So I want to set a flexi-goal that 85% of the days each month, I write. If I meet this goal, I get a cookie. If I meet it repeatedly, I get fancier cookies. What happened to me once was that i wrote for 30 days, got my badge, missed one day, and did not come back for months and months. For me it’s too all-or-nothing. But I could work at an 85% goal for a long, long time. If I slipped below, I could work harder to bring it up. There is recovery built in as an option. I could start at 60% and set harder goals as i progress with writing. There, has my suggestion reached 750 yet? No, but I’ll stop here. Thanks for listening.

New Feature Request Note from Brian on Thu, Apr 10

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