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A Note of Inspiration from Timothy Kelly

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Set custom day change times

I work a night schedule so for me, midnight lands right after my break. Sometimes I am inspired to write in the daytime, most times its when I get home (around 2am or so). So a ‘day’ for me is from about noon to 4am the next morning. It’s been a little annoying for me so far because I’ll write about stuff that happened during my day when I get home after work, and then the next ‘day’ for me is still the same day on here. Right now, I’ve jury rigged it by lying and saying I’m from GMT-11 so the day changes at a time when I’m reliably asleep. This had the effect of screwing up the time on my alert emails so I had to do some calculation to change the time to the right time. It would be better if there was simply an option called ‘what time do you want your day to change over to the next’ or something like that. Its not a huge deal but us night owls would appreciate the simplicity.

New Feature Request Note from Timothy Kelly on Fri, Apr 04

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