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Custom settings - language and goals

1. It has to do with stats and language interpretation. Many members use more than one language, one of them being English. The system does not recognise them, unfortunately, and stats based on the interpretation of a non-English text don’t make any sense. We could have an option to mark each daily entry as written in English or in another language. It could be a little window on the writing page allowing to switch between languages. This window could be added to one’s page by editing custom settings.

2. Goals: Statistics again. Such as how fast you write. Some of us sit down to write more than once per day. So: often there is a break of several hours between writing sessions. This completely destroys our statistics as to the number of words per minute. This could be solved either by not including those long breaks in the statistics, or by allowing us to switch off some of the stats in accordance to our goal (switch off the words/min stat completely for a given user).
For example: my goal is not to write fast but to write a lot. A more advanced feature would allow us to set our own goals: For example: write a given amount of words in a month, etc.

New Feature Request Note from Bogusia on Thu, Feb 13

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