The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Jessica Marie

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I started using 750 words about a year ago, in fact in 10 days it will be my one year anniversary! YAY! What Buster and Kellianne have provided for us to use is fantastic, and they are fantastic people. Just the other day I had a question I needed answered because I noticed something was not the way I thought it was supposed to be; so I was looking for a simple answer. They responded by fixing the issue quickly and allowing me to be able to continue my writing. I love using this site and have had so many ah-ha’s and inspirations come from using it. I know that with the help of this site I can accomplish all of my dreams by having a place just to simply write. Thank you so very much for creating and upkeeping this site in the great form that it is in.

Testimonial Note from Jessica Marie on Wed, Feb 12

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