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A Note of Inspiration from Amy Lynn

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An iPhone/iPad app

A phone app would be amazing! I can never seem to get the site to save my words right when I’m writing on 750 Words using my phone’s browser, and since I only use my phone to write when I’m in a “last minute, oh crap” situation, it just stresses me out. Plus, a mobile app would just be more elegant and could have more of the site’s features built in. I would even be totally okay with paying a one-time fee to buy the app. Less okay with a monthly fee because I tend to do 99% of my writing from my desktop, and it wouldn’t be worth it to pay monthly for an app subscription. If having a monthly 750 Words subscription got you the app free, though, that would be totally cool as well.

New Feature Vote from Amy Lynn on Sat, Feb 08

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