The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from giles vaden

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I love to write, but perfectionism was killing me. I’d write a sentence, edit. Write a second, edit both. Write another and see how it ALL sounded. Productivity sucked. Deadlines blown. Despair.

Then a friend introduced 750 words. I typed fast and furious with no edits at all. When I read what I’d written, it made sense. Still needed an edit, but I sped up considerably and gained self-confidence. One block gone.

Then I tried a brain trick. I’d been obsessed with frequently checking word count and time left until 30 minutes was up. I was focusing on “words accumulated.” I changed. I shifted my focus to “words spent”, as though I ONLY had 750 words to spend rather than piling up the words. This change in self-talk broke block number two.

Thanks 750 words. My speed and accuracy are much better and I’m meeting my deadlines again.

Testimonial Note from giles vaden on Sun, Feb 02

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