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A Note of Inspiration from kinadoodle

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I started on my novel a year ago. Near the beginning half, I had my eye on the end product, but it turns out I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough.
I tried to work harder, but it became really difficult with all the things in life.
Then, I discovered 750 words, while on the internet looking for inspiration. This is just what I needed. It has a great, positive interface and was simple and straight to the point. I became determined to write at least a thousand words everyday, and now my novel is past 200 pages— and that was all from two months. It is purely amazing.
Now, when the day fades (I’m a true night owl), I get my laptop out and start writing. Part of me is under the pressure of missing a day and breaking the streak, but it’s that good kind of thrill. An excitement, really.
Thank you so much for helping me to build my talent even more.

Testimonial Note from kinadoodle on Sun, Feb 02

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