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A Note of Inspiration from Andy Petranek

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More badges for accomplishments

I don’t really know if you need MORE badges… rather, more celebration for achieving badges… and also a list of the number of times you’ve achieved each badge (rather than only the first time you achieved it). Like the early bird and hamster badge – shouldn’t you get this EVERY time that you write 10 days in a row before 7am and are undistracted, respectively? It would be great to actually show this.

AND right now the badges just mysteriously appear at the top of your stats… they should ANNOUNCE themselves somehow – so that getting them is more of a big deal. Would also be great to show them on the ’today’s writers’ page… don’t know if they’d fit there, but that would be pretty cool too!

New Feature Vote from Andy Petranek on Fri, Jan 24

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