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Visibility for Behavior Badges

Behavior Badges are wonderful boosts for those of us who don’t or can’t do “streak” writing, e.g. people who don’t have guaranteed daily internet access. But only Streak Badges are shown on the community page for each day’s writing. Someone who’s written 200,000+ words cumulatively every other day for a year is going to see the same blank egg they saw when they signed up. I get the logic behind showing Streak Badges on a stats page, but since that stats page is the most frequently accessed and one of the very few community pages, Streak Badges effectively serve as profile pictures.

The goal of these badges is motivation and fun, as I understand it, but the effect can be the opposite for Behavior Badges. Someone for example who’s written 200,000+ words cumulatively over a several-days-on, one-day-off schedule sees only an egg when they look at the daily page. Maybe they don’t care, but maybe they care just as much as “streak” writers do, and that hurts their motivation and takes away their fun.

I think there are a number of options for fixing this (yes, this is more of a bug report for the Badges feature) and a number of approaches to each option. Maybe make overall achievements visible on the primary community page, maybe address or omit the issue of profile pictures, etc. It would mean a lot to me, and I think it would mean a lot for many others too.

New Feature Request Note from Nivair on Fri, Jan 10

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