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A Note of Inspiration from Anne Gearhart

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Record re-earned badges!

I have found badges to be motivating when I am trying to change my behavior. I’ve noticed that on my “stats” page it will show all the badges I’ve earned and the first date awarded. I would find it motivating if it would show, in a row, the badges that I have earned in any one particular streak. I like seeing them lined up together. I also like seeing the dates when I first earned them. I’m not really sure how to resolve this, but I know when I was first earning them it was really exciting to see them pop up on the list when I earned them, and now having a list of once-earned badges that I kind-of feel like I currently DONT deserve is dis-motivating. Maybe something wehre its “badges earned on this streak” and “first date badge awarded”>

Also, it woudl be cool if there were some sort of sound or herald that happens when you earn a special bagde. I somehow missed that I had cleared the 100,000 word mark.

New Feature Request Note from Anne Gearhart on Fri, Jan 10

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