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A Note of Inspiration from Jolie Curry

4 cups

I had a 170-day streak, but then totally forgot to do my words on Dec. 18. I started again and now I’m back to five days in a row. The reason I forgot was because my mother, who has been ill for most of this year, is in the hospital again. I live two hours away from her and I decided to leave work to come home early for the holidays and talk to doctors, be able to visit her, etc. We just found out that she will have to spend Christmas in the hospital. My mother loves Christmas and she is very discouraged at this news. It’s a tough time for my family and, as always, I am glad I have this place, 750words, to visit at the end of each day. Wishing all who write here a happy holiday and a great new year.

Testimonial Note from Jolie Curry on Mon, Dec 23

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