The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Leita Crossfield

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Thank you for creating this site and thank you to all the writers who keep it going by participating. I signed up last summer when I finished my degree, and then I wrote some, but got off track over the summer and then started working on a second degree, where I have been writing a lot. But this little idea, this 750 words is really cool. It reminds me of what Julia Cameron recommends for morning pages, in her book The Artist’s Way. So I just wanted to say kudos to everyone and I am sharing this site. It was also recommended recently by one of my professors in the English program. (I am typing on my iPad and it is giving me Trouble at the moment with its internal spell check, which keeps changing words, resulting in some rather humorous statements.)

Testimonial Note from Leita Crossfield on Sat, Dec 14

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