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The Celebratory Post for 1 Million Words Written

Over two years and almost nine full months ago I started my journey on 750 words. Now, 799 completed days and a 485 day streak later I have broken the magical limit of one million words. Someone might call for a badge for it, but for me personally just seeing that kind of a number up there is a reward in itself.

The guy who hatched out of the egg on 1st of January 2011 as the badges of this site finely illustrate was a completely different guy than the guy writing this today. The transition has not been quite as stunning as from an egg to a space bird, or to a Pegasus, let alone a Phoenix. But it has been a significant shift.

The guy that started desperately to write 750 words a day in 2011 and failed it many times, was just like that – he could not sustain a single habit over a long period of time. His mind wandered. He had not done anything significant with his life. He was mostly writing in Finnish. He had perhaps written a total of 150 000 words in his life, and even all that during 1 month special events like NaNoWriMo. The dude just could not muster up the effort rest of the time, it was too difficult, he wasn’t motivated. has not been the only thing that has changed my life, but this site has been a big part in the massive change I’ve undergone.

Numbers are not be-all, end all, but just measuring up that estimated life total of 150k words against the one million written since speaks volumes. But let’s forget about numbers. That guy in 2011 was just a pimple-faced kid. Well I still have pimples on my face and you would probably say that I never grew up, but ever since I’ve pushed out my own book, created two websites, visited Asia (twice), written and published countless stories and became semi-professional writer – in English.

That pimple-faced kid had barely any friends and while he might have had ambitions, he didn’t really take them seriously because he didn’t believe in himself. The pimple-faced guy who never grew up writing this here, on the other hand, is learning to deal with an increasing social circle after years of reclusiveness. We have a guy here who feel raring to go and that only world is the limit.

It would be absurd of course to suggest that a simple thing like is responsible of all of the change. But it would be as absurd to claim that it had no effect.

Besides just forging the writing habit in me and thus making me much more capable writer, this site has helped me push myself, it has helped me to achieve the consistency needed to achieve big goals, it has built up my work ethic, and slowly and surely it has made me see that I can do anything at all in the world. Out of small achievements comes the realization that you can do big things.

This site is incredibly simple, but it is a powerful tool for making people’s lives better. I love it and am deeply grateful for all the positive changes it has helped me achieve in less than three years since I joined here. I have recommended it to everyone and will keep recommending it. I will probably be writing these praising notes as well every chance I get as well – next time in fifteen days when I achieve the final landmark – The Space Bird.

Simply put, not a day goes by in my life nowadays without opening up at least once. Thanks Buster and everyone involved.


Testimonial Note from Jarkko Helenius on Fri, Sep 27

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