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More badges for accomplishments

When I used to use Four Square I specifically remember how much getting the badges and earning mayorships and all of that kept me wanting to use the app and also in a strange way, kept me wanting to try new things, or kept me going to places that I needed to go (like the library, for example). It seemed like they were adding all sorts of secret badges that not many people (in the beginning) knew how to get, or that were very difficult to get. Then they went a step further and started creating different levels of each of the badges that you could be awarded.

I think that a good idea for this site would be to start introducing different levels of certain badges. Additionally, it might be good to come up with a few badges that only give a vague idea about how they are earned so that people try to “unlock” them.

Maybe mentioning a certain word in 10 days (not necessarily in a row) would get a special badge. Or getting an R rating or a PG rating 10 days in a row will earn some sort of badge. Using unusual or unusually long words may earn a badge. Things like that.

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