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A Note of Inspiration from geophf

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Hello, dear all,

Just a little inspired note of gratitude. You see, I’ve read on this site that there’s a person who’s on her seventh year of writing her doctoral thesis, and then at a business function, I met a woman who’s on her seventh year of writing her doctoral thesis …

She runs marathons, too.

And I met a director who has a book inside her head, but she hasn’t written page one yet, because she hasn’t written an outline of it, although she already knows the beginning and the middle, the ending’s a little fuzzy to her.

It wouldn’t be, eventually, if she just wrote, every day.

A thesis wouldn’t be seven years in the making, if she just wrote, every day. has been a boon to me, and to so many others, because, every day, for 5-10-20 minutes, we sit down, write, and are better for it.

You do something, every single day, you’re better for it. Everybody knows this, and the very, very few who do it are making headway in their lives to places they thought they would never be.

Thank you, Buster, for creating these blank pages, and letting us fill them, with the stories from our lives.

love, geophf

Testimonial Note from geophf on Fri, Aug 23

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