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A Note of Inspiration from Crystal Harris

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A testimonial note for to celebrate 250,000 words!
Today I am actually celebrating 50 days in a row. And since there isn’t a badge for that, I am making my own party. I have passed 50 day before, but why not celebrate it again?!!! A few weeks ago I hit 250,00 words and that one milestone surprised me. I have been writing about a year on this site, and so much has changed for me because of the the role that writing now plays in my lifestyle. I finally see myself as a writer. I am working on several projects simultaneously, but what has changed is that now, I can say that I am honestly WORKING on them. I also use the site to clear my head, and it means a lot to me to have this clear sacred space to come to on a regular basis. So my testimony is a phrase of encouragement that I learned in one of my addictions courses. “It works when you work it.” That’s it. Keep on coming here, and we will all be cheering you on. Thanks to everyone who makes this site a reality. We love it!

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Testimonial Note from Crystal Harris on Wed, Aug 07

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