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From Positive to Negative to Positive

So, I spend the last month or so averaging ‘Negative’ in my overall lexical anal
ysis, and that BOTHERED me, that I was negative. “I’m not negative!” I groused,
“Look! Every day, I’m WAY positive, so why am I averaging negative?”

I was really positive about the whole experience of being (acurately) labeled ‘n

rolls eyes head-desk

But, today, I’ve just pushed the average analytical factors to ‘positive,’ again
, and so I’m now back at the top of my form and back in the game! … really exc
ited, even, to have to be working today and tomorrow for work, just because mana
gement says so, and who am I to turn down overtime?

Always a silver lining, I pray, … I just have to be strong enough to look for
it, even though that’s really hard sometimes.

Now, also, I’m working on something that I’ve never measurably done: extroversio
n. Really cool! I get to choose to be shy and quiet and thoughtful (and, oh, so smart!) or I can be outgoing and confident … and thoughtful and smart, too, bu
t instead of keeping that to myself and in my world, I can try to share it, and
to see if it lights up other people’s faces, and see if I like that, and see for
how long I wish to maintain that.

Extroversion. I’ve never, ever remembered myself being this way, but, for the pa
st month the analytics have been candy-red (‘Extroverted’) not silver-turquoise
(‘Introverted’) … so I actually can be diplomatic and customer-facing, a trust
ed and dependable liaison, instead of just a brilliant and dependable algorist a
nd subject-matter expert in category theory.

I can write and publish my stories, and I can spend time with my family, playing
with them, and having a great time doing it: sharing myself, not just to the pa
ge, but to others.

I can be me, and I can have plenty of space of you in my life.


Now, I’m going to go off by myself and work all weekend while my dear wife takes the girls to the museum, and, now, I’m going to make time for family, too. I’ll remember my contributions to math and technology, and historical and science fiction, and I’ll also treasure my time spent with family and friends, the people
in my life.

love, geophf

Testimonial Note from Douglas Auclair on Sat, Jul 20

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