The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Tracy Goode

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I first joined the site almost two years ago, but quickly lost the momemtum to keep up with it. Every week, I’d get my reminder email that I should write 750 words that day, and until last month I’d just delete them. But, last month I thought returning to writing 750 words a day might be a good strategy for attacking some professional writing. And, some days I do write something related to my research, but some days I just journal.

Having this site, with the incentives to earn bagdes and watch my streak increase, has been an excellent way to remind me to write every day. The days when I write something work-related I feel like I’m pushing ahead with my project. The days that I journal, I feel like I am working through the many bits and pieces in my head that I allow to keep me from being productive.

Many thanks for such a lovely spot to park myself here on the interwebs for a these moments each day!

Testimonial Note from Tracy Goode on Fri, Jun 28

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