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A Note of Inspiration from Jarkko Helenius

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How bout we turn 750words into social network for writers?

I adore this site and recently became a patron of it. I think that in all of its simplicity, it’s an invaluable tool for any writer serious to get better at his craft, but as many of the writers of these notes of inspiration, it also is useful for non-writers.

Regardless, I often feel frustrated by the lack of ability to communicate with other members within the site. Sure, you can write notes of inspiration, but there isn’t any direct means of communication. There already is a vast membership here and I’m sure they’d be dying to get to know each other.

For me personally writing on this site has been very lonely though rewarding experience.

Of course if I were to include stuff like private messaging or ability to have open discussions etc, there would have to be some things taken to consideration.

First of all the main function of this site is to provide us a place to write. Distraction-free, simple and motivating. That’s what this site is about and if any other features should be added, they would have to be done with that in mind.

So no message pop-ups or the like – perhaps even ability to check your messages would only be enabled after you’ve reached your daily goal – that way you wouldn’t use it as a way of procrastination, unless you’re like me and at times go way beyond the limit.

But I certainly feel like I would be curious to find out more about people behind the badges, streaks, statistics and names. At least we could have some kind of profile page where people could tell what they are all about.

Just my five cups worth of ideas. And yes, writing this note was way to procrastinate the main writing I was doing x)


New Feature Request Note from Jarkko Helenius on Mon, Jun 24

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