The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from David Raitt

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Passing my May Challenge bounty forward. Good luck!

It seems like an easy thing, committing to 750 words a day. But we all have busy lives, and sometimes the urge to give in to being tired, to thinking that our words don’t matter, can be strong. Don’t give in! I know from experience that if you take the time to push through that fatigue, that block holding you back, that you’ll emerge stronger and more confident on the other side. Go for it, even if you write the same word over and over 750 times. At least you committed to it and you met your commitment. And who knows? Maybe with the next set of words, the answer to that problem you’re having, or that great idea, will rise from your brain like the Phoenix from the ashes. You’ll never know unless you write. Now go do it!

One Month Challenge Bounty from David Raitt on Tue, Jun 04

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