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A Note of Inspiration from Marilyn Jean Hazlett

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I have just completed the May Challenge and have been awarded a cup of patronage, I have been so helped by this daily feat that I am so grateful to you for having this web page. thank you very much. the way I have found it helpful is that as I have completed the 750 words each day I have seen myself developing in confidence. to begin with it took me over 20 minutes to reach the target and sometimes I felt I was just writing gibberish! but as I gained in confidence I found that ideas were coming to me and I got a flow and some of the stuff I was writing was actually making sense! I started making notes of things that I could stream of consciousness about if you get my drift and it sort of acted as a catalyst to clear my head for my writing project that day. I learnt that the sooner I got my 750 words done the more I got from it. I got a real buzz from earning badges and although friends who I urged to join said aw that doesnt work for me, I dont need rewards well, wait till they hear I can buy my new handbag! way to go! when I started the exercise I was a writer in learning and wasnt sure where I was going, now I am a writer in apprenticeship I see this page as part of my training, I can do 750 words in 15 minutes and find this truly amazing!!!! the fact that it makes sense as well, I can see my way forward in larger projects and know that I am able to complete things, so onward and upward as they say. I am not taking part in the June challenge as I wont have internet access at the end of the month but will look forward to doing the July one. many thanks for your encouragement, am off to sharpen my pencil and count my pennies for my new handbag. oh yes am also humbled to think of lteracry being improved in Seattle by my typing! I was a primary 1 teacher in my former life and love all things to do with young people reading and writing for themselves., Mana Hazlett :)

Testimonial Note from Marilyn Jean Hazlett on Sat, Jun 01

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