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A Note of Inspiration from Douglas Auclair

5 cups

What I like about, besides everything, is the metadata. I can write:

WATER: 1 bottle on my commute to work

And will save that under WATER: for that day, and any other time I write:

WATER: 1 bottle during meeting

750 words accumulates that and stores the result in a graph, so I can see that I’m drinking water (or not) during the day, and see the trend during the week and the month.

Better for me, I have trending WEIGHT: and JOG: tags so I can compare my weight trends to the number of miles I jog or just keep track of if and when I’m jogging, or do I have weight gain or loss, and why.

Do you know how much people pay for these kinds of services?

It even has things that I invent like TODO: tags, so I can see what I need to do during the day match that against my CHORE: tags and then, even look at ALL my TODO: tags throughout my entire life on … did I have a TODO: from years ago that I never got around to? saves that.

I commute to work every day, one way is 2.5 hours. That used to be void time for me, where I’d sit and play games on my iPhone, like everybody else, or listen to music. Downtime is good, but now, I’m writing during that time, 1000+ words, and I find being able to express my thoughts or write a piece of fiction, get that published and peer reviewed, or write a new article for a math journal, and have that all recorded in has increased my productivity in my job and opened new vistas for me to explore and to exploit.

I like It’s an effective existence system that helps to keep me on track and helps me to plan big and then plan bigger, tracking my accomplished goals.

Thanks, Buster!

Testimonial Note from Douglas Auclair on Fri, May 10

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