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A Note of Inspiration from Hilary Poole

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Tortoise Badge

First of all, I love 750 words, thanks so much for doing it.

I think you need another badge, though—one for us slow and steady tortoises who aren’t able to do all 750 words at one go but who keep coming back and eventually get there. As it is, the site rewards Cheetahs, who spill out 3 pages really fast all at one shot. And if you don’t do that, then you somehow got “distracted.” But my “distraction” is my young daughter… and if I get pulled away from the site it’s not because I’m staring at Twitter or something; it’s because my life won’t allow it.

I agree that writing 3 pages at one go is, indeed, the ideal way to do this. However it’s not the only way, and not everybody is in a position to do that—not because we have ADD but because we have complicated lives. I think it would be nice to balance the site’s emphasis on speed and efficiency with an acknowledgement that sometimes “stick-to-it-ive-ness” is also valuable.

New Feature Request Note from Hilary Poole on Wed, Jul 21

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