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A Note of Inspiration from Patron Eric Nentrup

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Secure server for writing

Buster has DONE IT! What a great app. The world is truly a better place with In the same way that cycling has eclipsed running as my favorite form of exercise, eclipses morning pages because there’s JUST ENOUGH geekery involved in the practice to stay hooked. Not too much technology…just enough.

Morning pages are a great tool, and one that’s too easy for me to forsake. Your implementation of it here is a soothing ritual and an exercise that yields returns in my own creativity, peace of mind, and dare I say even, cognitive development.

So. Thank you, Buster. May this be one in a long string of successful projects to which you put your shoulder, and may your development of 750 only continue on the up and up.

My vote for security (via SSL on YOUR server)as well as) a request to have Google Docs sync/backup of posts. I’d love to have a folder in my GDocs account that, someday, is full of my chronicled life (albeit not interesting to anyone but my descendants).

Again, thanks and best wishes!


New Feature Vote from Eric Nentrup on Tue, Mar 16

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