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A Note of Inspiration from Megumi Terui

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I am having a very painful time in my love life, the kind of thing that is life changing. I am devastated and it’s been a week of not sleeping and 3000 words entries. This is just the beginning and the mere fact that I am reaching out here should tell me about how much help I need.
I have passed from being numbed and crying, to yell and demand answers, and they are being denied to me. Writing has helped me think and while I am far from fixing this pain, I’ll use it to get some clarity before I need to face things.
When I signed up I did it so I could practice my writing in English, and now I am doing some soul searching. I compare my notes from before this happened and now, and I see that I have no doubts about my love, if only makes me feel I am right. It also shows me that what could be asked of me is something I thought I would never do, and I need to fix that if I ever want to be with him again.
Thank you, and if somebody else is reading this, think of it as a sad message in a bottle that would like some cheering. Please. Thank you.

Testimonial Note from Megumi Terui on Sun, Apr 07

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