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A Note of Inspiration from Andy Hunt

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I discovered the site 2 weeks ago, and was initially fearful over the commitment, but liked the idea of the discipline.
I’ve got loads of stuff I want to (and need to) write, but somehow it always get pushed to the backburner while I’m dealing with other people’s priorities. I figured that it’s rather like the fact I actually exercise more if I arrange a game or a run with someone, whereas if it’s “just me” it invariably gets cancelled.

After my first 10-day streak I realise how liberating this whole thing is. I’ve written material which I’ve needed to get down for ages.

Now it’s there.

But I’ve also discovered 3 cool unexpected benefits:

1) One particular morning when I needed to write something for work, I used my 750-word time to get it done in record time. Just got the text down, then edited and formatted it later.
2) It’s really helping my longer-term planning by writing down my thought conversations about the things I want to write.
3) I’ve started to use part of each day’s writing to just “ramble on” about whatever’s on my mind. As a technical writer, this is usually frowned upon, but I have found it a great thing to do AND some interesting material occasionally emerges.

So – thank you Buster & co – this is a new and regular part of my day that I am grateful for.


Testimonial Note from Andy Hunt on Sun, Mar 31

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